Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Done with lying

I used to lie a lot. I try not to do that anymore. For one, although I had little trouble opening my mouth and letting a lie fall out, I had a great deal of trouble maintaining it. My mother reminds me of the time I scribbled all over the wall with a crayon but adamantly denied doing so.

When she changed her accusatory tactic and asked, "Marcia, what did you do with the crayon you marked the wall with?" I promptly told her I had put it back in the box.

The other reason I don't lie now is that the Lord doesn't think too highly of it. He's all about truth. Since I want to please Him, I am on the lookout for lies.

Before you dismiss this as a simple fact that anyone who has taken Christianity 101 knows, let me ask, "Are you influenced by lies? Are any of your actions based on premises that really aren't true? Do you really believe what God says about Himself and about you, or do you simply know it?"

I am sadly surprised to see how much of my thinking is still tainted by ungodly ideas I've collected along my journey. But, I am encouraged because He who began a good work in me promises to complete it. Meanwhile, I'll do my part by not living lies.

Today I received news that a decision I am awaiting will be made soon. I want the answer to go one way--my way. If it doesn't, I will feel bad. And if it does, I will rejoice and say how good God is.

But those responses would be based on a lie.

So now, even before I know the outcome, I will purpose to fix the truth in my heart. Either way, God is good. Either way, His plans are perfect.

Either way, I will glory in His name, and seek His face, and remember the wonderful works He has done.--1Chronicles 16:10-12

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  1. I'll be praying for your spirit no matter the outcome. I've been working on an idea for a fun little story called "Telling the Truth in Church". It's about a Christian woman who suddenly realizes she can't remember the last time she gave a frank answer to a question in church and decides one Sunday to start telling everyone the truth. Great post!


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