Call of a Coward: The God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife

 Call of a Coward: The God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife

I thought our story of following God from a Mayan village in the highlands of Guatemala to a tiny Vermont church ended the day, ten years later, when we left the ministry and moved to the South. It had been a great venture requiring the courage to let go of the things we held dear (like personal safety and income), but the Lord had done great and mighty things to show us there was nothing we could do to out give Him.

However, the story was not over. It wanted to be told. And in little ways no less marvelous than the spectacular ones, the Lord provided opportunity after opportunity for me to achieve that sought after dream of every writer--a published book. 

In March, 2010, Call of a Coward won the Women of Faith/WestBow Presss writing contest. (YouTube interview). I was happy enough to hold my first copy, but imagine my surprise a few months later when I received an offer for a contract from Thomas Nelson. I had no idea they were even looking at it. That's one of the delightful things about God, He's full of unexpected possibilities. 

Even in the story, there's a story! 
An excerpt:

The problem with promising God you’ll follow Him wherever He leads is that you just might have to go

“The road exceeded my worst expectations. Cliffs rose straight up on one side and plunged down on the other. It was one thing to ride a scary road with a husband you could yell at; it was another to ride with a stranger who said with the same equanimity, “There’s a good view from the overlook up ahead,” and “The brakes are bad, that’s why I have to pump them.”  
            Hernando downshifted, pumped the screeching brakes and entered the river. I couldn’t decide whether to look ahead at the slippery rocks on the steep bank, look behind from where we had safely come, or simply bury my head in my lap. If I needed a sign from God, this was it. I decided there was no way I could ride this road to go shopping, to get our mail, to find a doctor, to do anything─ ever. When, and if, I met up with Bob in the village, I was going to have to tell him so.” 
On a journey that leads from the highlands of Guatemala to a small Vermont village, Marcia follows God’s call for her husband even though it seems to conflict with her own dreams, requires credentials she lacks, comfort she fears to give up, and courage she doesn’t feel she has.

Written with humor and insight, Call of a Coward is a candid account of a modern-day seeker and a very real God who makes cowards courageous, ordinary lives purposeful, and dried-up dreams fruitful.