Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Going South--with the God of Jacob's and My Mistakes

 Marcia Moston

I'm starting out the new year by kicking my light (thank God) bout with Covid out the door and kicking off the publication of my latest book, Going South--with the God of Jacob's and Mistakes.

Did you ever notice how one bad decision has a way of birthing five more until you find yourself in a such muddle you can't see your way out? That's what happened when my husband and I decided to move to a place we'd never been to, nor had any connections with. It still might have been a fine idea if I had stuck to our original plan. Here's from the back cover:

When Bob and Marcia Moston told their friends they were moving south, they meant it as a geographical move. They didn’t expect their plans to go south too.


Trusting his wife’s previously sound judgment, Bob agrees to have Marcia go ahead of him and pick out a house—an efficient, low-maintenance one. It was a good plan. If only Marcia had stuck to it.


But when she veers from the plan, the couple find themselves overwhelmed with the consequences of a seemingly bad decision. Marcia looks for encouragement in the story of Jacob—the patriarchal bad boy, remembered more for the predicaments he got himself into than for his commendable deeds—and the God who is not deterred by our plots, plans, stratagems, and side trips.


Written with heart, humor, and biblical insight, Going South—with the God of Jacob’s and My Mistakes offers hope and encouragement to those who find their lives upturned by a geographical move, a chaotic economy, a backfired dream, or just a plain bad choice.

That's the good news--nothing is too hard for God! 

To celebrate, this week I'm having a drawing to give away some free copies (Kindle or print). To enter just leave a brief comment or send me a request in my contact form.

Blessings on this NEW Year,





  1. Sounds like a great story! We've moved a lot in our 51 years of marriage, and we've had some crazy experiences as well. I would love to read this book...I am sure I can relate to it in many ways!! And I love knowing that "nothing is too hard for God!" My key verse/thought for this year is "With God, All things are possible!" and my One Word is Believe...based on that verse of what the angel told Mary! Congratulations on your new book!!

  2. So proud of you for finally publishing your book!! Prayers for God to use your story for the kingdom!! ❤️

  3. I just happened onto your FB page to see what you had been up to. Happy you had just a mild case of THE VIRUS. So far , I am well. Probably because I stay in so much. That is another story. I almost ordered your new book but then saw there was a giveaway. I will be contacting you for some advice for a friend. Stay tuned, it has to do with writing.

  4. Your book is wonderful, Marcia! Such a beautiful mix of enjoyable humor, deep truths, and masterful storytelling. I'm proud of you for persevering and seeing it through to the end. I can't wait to hold the printed copy in my hands and read it again!

  5. Hi Marcia! I just finished reading this book and loved it so much! I shared a review on Amazon and also on my blog at this link: I truly enjoyed reading your story and so much of your experiences resonated with me...way beyond the house renovations as well. I found your story to be very inspirational and encouraging. I love how God takes our "lemons" in life and makes wonderful lemonade. Thank you again for sharing this story with me. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Blessings to you and your family.


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