Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Those powerful little things

I was in a bit of a blog fog, not able to settle my thoughts, when I noticed a slender sliver of a bug on the edge of my laptop. On legs thinner than a strand of hair, he marched along the perimeter with singular purpose. Suddenly, (I know writers aren't supposed to use this word, but that's the way it was) a tiny round bug appeared on the opposite edge of my screen, poised for a direct encounter.

In a flash, without breaking stride, skinny bug snatched up the round one. Startled by this unexpected entomological turn of events, I peered around the screen to see how skinny bug could possibly eat the chunky one, but they had disappeared.

It's amazing how powerful little things can be. I often think the big things are the most influential and desired, but it's the little things that influence a matter for better or for worse.

It's the little irritations that belie my grandiose thoughts of self-sacrifice--of course I'd lay down my life for you, just don't interrupt me when I'm busy.

And it's the little pleasures that refresh the soul. Stopping for a moment to watch the light filter through the leaves, or examine the intricacy of a tiny weed flower, or look into someone's eyes while she is speaking instead of fidgeting with my watch.

One Christmas my husband gave me diamond with all the right number of "C" qualities a diamond should have. My granddaughter gave me a pencil inscribed,"to the world's best grandmother." One gift as treasured as the other.

Today we may not all get a Big moment, but I'll bet we'll all have a chance at a little one to influence a life around us, or to bring our hearts to a place of delight in recognizing the handiwork of God in the little things.
If you do, I'd love to hear about it. 

He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much--Luke 16:10

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  1. I really needed this one today, Marcia. I was thinking along the same lines. "I'd be willing to die for Christ but don't make me serve You when I'm in a bad mood." Great insight, well written. Thank you.


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