Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wild Cat Mom Reflections

Wild Mama cat's nest-she didn't oblige for the photo shoot

 Citron-colored eyes shadowed the striped face peering from under the mound of branches and leaves of summers past.

We stared at each other, this wild mom cat and I, across the thin wire fence that defined the border of feral and domestic.

Two mini-mama faces joined hers, curious, unafraid, but staying close.
A moment suspended—shared with the female feline huddled there. Survivalist. Protector. Nurturer.       
A Mother.

I wasn't going to write about mothers today, but the feral(?) kitty I found near our yard tugged on my heart (besides making me crazy with what to do for her and babes) and started me thinking mom thoughts.

My Mom

She was always Mom to me. Sometimes Ma if I wanted to tease, or, My Mother if I was talking about her. But never Mama. I never had a mama.
The only bit of advice I remember her giving was, “Marcia what you’re looking for is in your own backyard.”

But she taught me
How to build an igloo (well, I don’t think I mastered this, but she sure did.)
How to find the elusive jack-in-the-pulpit.
How to delight in violets and May flowers and fish flashing in thin streams.
How to transverse worlds and times and cultures in the pages of the Books of Knowledge and Journeys Through Bookland.
How to persevere through times of bill collectors at the door and sugar on white bread sandwiches.
How to remain loyal when loyalty wasn’t deserved.
And how stay head bowed before your God knowing He heard when no one else listened.

How about you? What bit of advice has stayed with you from your mother? What did she teach you that stays dear to your heart? I'd love to hear.

 Others' Moms--A Prayer
Whenever I think of the endurance of Motherhood, I think of women I never met—women who have suffered and sacrificed that their children might live. I think of moms who wonder how they will have the energy to finish their days because of heavy hearts from a child’s death or disappearance.
I don’t know why I always think of these nameless (to me) women who parade across my heart. But I am grateful to be able to offer a prayer to the One who does know their names. 

I ask today, Lord, to lift the face of some struggling mom and let your light and unexpected grace fall upon her, in wisdom, in survival, in peace that passes understanding.

And for you, friends, whether or not you have a mom to enjoy the day with, or whether or not you are a mom yourself, may the heart of God who loves close and the security of the shadow of his wings be rich and real in your life, especially this Mother’s Day.
For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods.—Psalm 135:5



  1. I'm claiming your prayer for my sister Monica. She lost her 7 yr old daughter in 2009, so Mother's day is always hard for her. This year is especially hard for some reason. Thank you for remembering the mamas who are sad, Marcia.

  2. Ah Susan, I will remember your sister this week. Glad to have a name to put with prayer.


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