Saturday, December 11, 2010

Missing Martha

Got sidetracked making a stained glass piece for friends who are building a house on an island in Maine. It felt great to exercise whatever part of my brain that required and to give the wordy part a rest. Hope I didn’t lose you faithful readers in the interim

I’ve been missing my Martha lately—you know, the one who always gets the bad rap for cooking, cleaning, and making up beds while her sister soaks in Jesus—not the one who spent a bit of time behind bars for some messy money business in the midst of her happy-homemaker projects.

It used to be that my Martha could do all the busy stuff, and my Mary still had time to bask in the Lord. But they seem to have parted ways of late.

For example, my Mary is presently sitting here at 6:00 a.m. in her pj’s, listening to Handel’s Messiah, smelling a Balsam candle, and enjoying the lights on the mantle garland. She’s thanking God for peace and beauty. The problem is, Martha’s sitting too, but not before leaving a trail of upheaval behind her.

Before she could sit, she rummaged through boxes in the spare bedroom, looking for something she never found. So, she left that mess and on her way to the kitchen, noticed the plants needed watering. She filled each pot, but the one without the saucer under it leaked all over the floor. Martha wasn’t into mopping at the moment because the microwave beeped that her coffee was hot. So she threw a dish towel down on the stream making its way across the low spots in the tile, and decided to catch up on her blog.

But feeling somewhat distracted and unconnected, she decided to sit awhile with Mary and just let her soul “exalt in the Lord and her spirit in God her Savior. For the Mighty One has done great things for her, and Holy is his name.”

Maybe the floor will be dry by the time she gets up. 

And may you too, have a time today to delight in what is good, and true, and beautiful. As they so openly say here in the South--Have a blessed day.

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