Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life Interrupted? Or Life Lived?

I used to multi-task well. It was a handy ability for a woman who wanted to read every book, and who thought every adventure an equal opportunity worth pursuing. A renaissance woman of sorts—I knew a little bit about a lot of things.

So when the Christian school in my town expanded to include a high school, but suddenly found themselves without an English teacher the weekend before school opened, someone recommended me. (Mind you, I had never taken an education course, and although I read a lot and was probably the only person in town who remembered with fondness her seventh-grade exercises in diagraming sentences, I had a degree in sociology, not English.)

It was bold of the school board to offer me a contract after interviewing me that Saturday night.  But that’s one of the beauties of a Christian based organization—even when things seem contrary, they can trust God with the response to their prayerful petition.

And God—well, when he gives you a gift, he makes a way for it.

Over the next seven years I leaked out about every bit of knowledge that I had ever accumulated in my school-of-life backpack: from stained glass classes, Spanish 1 (yes, some students actually went on to speak it in spite of me!) literature, grammar, media literacy and life.

Most of the time, I was one step ahead of my students, learning as fast as I could right along with them. In the end, because I was a 24/7 teacher, I know I did a good job. And I know I was in God’s will.

But I always felt inadequate—not fully credentialed by my school-of-life learning. By being a Renaissance woman scattering her little bits of knowledge, like rose petals in the hands of a flower girl, instead of the bride carrying her one defined bouquet.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to corral these random interests, tried to specialize in something. I’ve sweated through writers’ workshops when the emphasis has been on branding: Who are you? What’s your tag line (in ten words)? What message do you want to convey?

You would think I am old enough to be able to answer these questions. I’ve tried to identify my goals and plans for the rest of the days in my calendar,(dwindling rapidly) and I’ve tried to identify my blog’s purpose. I’ve been hounded haunted tormented by the writer’s need for performance and platform.

Still, I faltered. Finally thought I was performing so badly I took a time out.

And it was great!

We married off a daughter and visited a son’s family on their Virginia mini farm, and I started writing for a Christian newspaper. Most of all –just enjoyed random, multi-faceted, God delightful life.

But now, thanks to the Holy Spirit’s promptings (and a special thanks Susan Stilwell for calling me back) I look forward to sharing with you my main purpose which I’ve settled on (this week): to inspire. To share an everyday life lived with the Lord.

And although the multi-tasking is slipping, I’m going to continue to enjoy learning a little about a lot. Think I’m just wired that way.

In case you are interested, here are some snippets of things that occupied me during that time of life interrupted—or was it— life lived?

Dad marries daughter but can't resist farewell kiss
Chicken checking crochet yarn
alpacas...farm visit day
And she is Mrs.
September sunshine on pumpkins
Grand daughter crocheting

I appreciate the life --the times and place God has given me and pray joy upon you my friends.


  1. Oh HEYY I got a shout-out! I'm so glad you're back, Marcia. I'm in about the same place that you are -- with so many random things that bring me joy and a feeling of purpose, and I'm pursuing THOSE. I hope we get a chance to chat soon and I'll fill you in.

    Meanwhile, how I LOVE this line: a Renaissance woman scattering her little bits of knowledge, like rose petals in the hands of a flower girl...

    Sending Virginia hugs to you :)

  2. Marcia:

    You have always known how to live life: with Spirit-filled passion, enthusiasm, curiosity, confidence, and absolute faith in God.

    Which Christian newspaper are you writing for?


  3. One of my favorite posts, Marcia. I too loved the "scattering" line. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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