Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Grace of Wonder

"Grant me the grace of wonder."--Brennan Manning

Beetee, one of the techie characters in Catching Fire tells Katniss she has to learn to see. In a critical moment, Katniss’s eyes are opened and she sees the construct of the world she’s trapped in for what it is. With this insight, she is able to use her special gift (weapon) and shatter the power of the oppressor.

That was my little take-away from the movie. A reminder to see beyond the things that appear to have the power over me and my circumstance.
When I am despairing over a seemingly immovable situation, and act as though God isn’t, may I see through the eyes of my gift (faith) the evidence of things unseen, the confidence God is.

And when I see I have no control over health, wealth, or children, may I see the One who is in control, who holds all things together with his word.

I love the perspective John Piper gives in his advent readings, Good News of Great Joy (free download, by the way) for Dec. 2nd: Mary’s Magnificent God.

 He says God is about to change the course of human history and what is He occupying Himself with?—Two humble women, Mary and Elizabeth! 

He just doesn't doesn't do things the way we expect, does he! Oh to see through his eyes.

Both Mary and Elizabeth see the unfathomable marvel of the Magnificent among their lowly selves and are filled with wonder.

Such a simple reminder. Such a powerful gift (and weapon)—to see the overwhelming greatness of the One who is always aware of the least of us--even when he's about to turn the world on its heels, he is aware of two humble women, carrying about the ordinary tasks of their ordinary lives.

Ah Lord, grant me the grace of wonder afresh and anew to see through your eyes and offer my marvel along with Mary: My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior."



  1. This. Was. Beautiful. And, spoke to me. Seeing things unseen....will be pondering this quite a while. Thanks!

  2. Marcia:

    Circumstance. Control. Confidence. When we let it go, and let God, our ordinary tasks can "...magnify the Lord."

    Thank you Marcia for the gentle reminder.


  3. Once again, the devotion you gave at Cross and Pens blew me away, Marcia. God used your words then, and now in this post, to awaken my spirit to His. Oh, the gift of wonder. It's magnificent!


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