Monday, August 13, 2012

Those who chirp and mutter

I have to admit—no one says it better than the Lord. My Bible journal is punctuated with bits and pieces of sentences, unusual phrases, perfect metaphors and imagery. 

This morning I really wanted to share with you one more thought about God’s time, but my attention is snagged on some wording from my reading in Isaiah 8:19:

And when they say to you, ‘Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,’ should not a people inquire of their God?

Chirp and mutter.

What a perfect way to express the delivery of foolish, empty words. Yet how many people today, as in Isaiah’s time, would rather seek advice and consolation from those who chirp and mutter than from the One whose living and active word is able to save their souls, give truth, and life?

At one time in my life, I too sought out those who I thought held the secrets to life. For weeks, I made the two hour trip from my home in Vermont to Montreal so I could study palmistry with a man from India. I drove across country in my blue Volkswagen bug to spend a month with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at a retreat in California where I hoped to find enlightenment. I studied books with charts of star times and treks.

But one day, enroute to yet another empty adventure, I stood in my living room and said, “God, this time I want to know truth.”

I continued on my journey, but on the other end, instead of finding the answer in a rich man and course in the healing power of colors, I found Jesus, the Word of God.

Now I am beyond seeking the consolation of seers and necromancers, but before I get too self-righteous, I have to question whether or not I’m beyond giving ear to chirped and muttered words of deception.

Recently I had a go at it in the pit of despair, unable to slug off a shroud of apathy. Some said it was an attack of the enemy because I was going to speak at a church women’s conference. Regardless of the source, I was the one listening.

Although the other conference speaker and I had never met, we had perfectly matched messages. But God used her to give me the jump start I needed. Being a good Southern Baptist girl all her life, she had memorized lots of Scripture—books even.

For some reason, instead of being another spiritual have-to, the idea invigorated me. (And I pictured the perfect place to do it—on the dreaded treadmill time my daughter has me scheduled for!)

It’s been a while since I memorized Bible verses and probably forever since I’ve memorized a whole book, but I have begun—just ask me the first twelve verses of James. Oh, and to practice doing them!

Whether it’s from hiding his word in my heart from memory or from reading it fresh in the morning, I want to infuse my spirit with words from the One who gives life, because I know, “With God we shall do valiantly!”—Psalm 108:13

How about you? Do you need a fresh infusion of words of life?

Lord, I pray for any friend stopping by who is bowed low because of muttering and chirping rather than the word that revives.

WE wait for you LORD, our souls do wait, and in your word do we hope.—Psalm 130:5
Sustain us according to your word, that we may live; —Psalm. 119:116, and
Establish your word to us as that which produces reverence for you.—Psalm 130:5

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  1. Marcia, loved this. You've challenged me. I'm not sure about memorizing books, but I sure do need more key verses permantly ethced in my head to call on when I'm feeling challenged, sad, doubtful, happy, hopeful, enthralled...okay, ALL the time!

  2. A fresh infusion of God's Word is always welcomed -- and needed, at least for me. I too once fell for chirp and mutter many years ago seeking out the advice of a psychic (that still sends a shiver down my spine). Oh, the beauty and power of Truth! Thank you for your willingness to forego following a series in favor of following the Spirit's leading.

  3. I loved this, Marcia. I'm intrigued by testimonies of those who've been around the proverbial block in search of Truth.

    And good for you to tackle memorizing 12 verses of James! I've never memorized an entire book, but I'd love to take on that challenge someday. I'm excited to hear about your journey!


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