Monday, June 18, 2012

Lessons From a Rule-Breaker

A brand new believer who is staying with us was excited when he came downstairs the other morning. “I read the gospel of John last night,” he said. “Wow. God’s not really that complicated. He basically wants us to believe Him.”

Ah, yes. The beauty of meeting Jesus, of having a relationship rather than a rule book. Of believing He is who He says He is—approachable God. 

Although the way to Him is one—through His Son, His ways of dealing with us are many.

Having walked with the Lord for many years, I am still surprised and delighted at the myriad of ways He meets us and directs us.

Today I am sharing some lessons I’ve learned about trusting God with my writing. Please scoot over to Novel Rocket and check out Lessons from a Rule-Breaker.

I pray you’ll be encouraged today that the Lord both knows your situation and is able to pull from his pocket of plenty a way for you to go.


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