Monday, April 9, 2012

Up close and personal

Blue skies, manicured green pastures, and white fences framed the idyllic scene. We paused to absorb the beauty of the moment, our drawing close catching the curiosity of the sleek Morgan horses in the distance.

 They quit grazing and hurried across the field toward us.

Closer and closer, face to face. Up close and personal.Sniffing, licking, rubbing.
Touches bridging that world between horse and human. My soul delights in the nuzzle, the getting-to-know-you.                                                                                      
 I think of how often I settle for a long-distance view of others--of the Lord, and yet it is in the up close and personal slobbering nuzzles that we do that which we were created for and which we long for--relationship.

Lord, today, may I run wide-eyed, curious toward those you put in my path, delighting in sharing my heart with you and your heart with another.                                                                                 

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