Monday, September 26, 2011

Imagine living life as you claim to believe

In response to a sour-faced man who boasted about his many years as a Christian, comedian Ken Davis quips, “Send a missionary to your face; it hasn’t received the Good News.”  

After I laughed, I realized I too, have been guilty of sporting that same joyless face, of forgetting in the midst of trying circumstances or overwhelming guilt that I belong to the One who knows all my broken pieces and dark places. The One who makes beauty from my ashes. The Shepherd who knows my wayward ways, yet loves me and has redeemed me.

Sometimes I need Sheila Walsh’s reminder that, “peace is the presence of Christ, not the absence of trouble.” And Lucy Swindoll’s admonition to take the fast currents when they occur and not live life in the shallows and miseries. To live a life poured out so that even my “I’m nots” become His “I wills.”

Sometimes I need a time of refreshment like I received at the Women of Faith Imagine conference in Charlotte, soaking in stories of lives restored, redirected and refilled—a weekend of laughs, tender testimonies, and corporate worship of the God in whose presence is fullness of joy.

Not even the ADD woman next to me who squeaked her Styrofoam lunch box and came and went a dozen times could steal the joyful reminders that each of the team brought to life through their stories, song, drama and Word of God.

 I appreciate the transparency and truth that come with being with other women of faith.I began to imagine what I had forgotten--a life lived as it claims to believe.

 Sometimes I just need to be reminded. 

Thank you to the team of Women of Faith who put in long hours and grueling travel schedules to be joy and hope to both those who have forgotten and those who never knew.


  1. Marcia, your article made me feel as though I was at the conference with you. Thank you for refreshing my spirit through your heartfelt words.

  2. That sounds like a wonderful retreat, re-energizing spiritually and by default physically. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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