Saturday, May 21, 2011

When hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes don’t get attention, try Zombies

That’s what a recent blog for the Center for Disease Control did to get the attention of those of us preparedness slackers who think either, “Something like that would never happen to me,” or, “If something happens there’s nothing I can do about it anyway.”

We may have a sense of apathy about natural disasters, but we sure want to know what to do in the case of a Zombie outbreak. According to a Reuters report, so many people responded to the blog that the site crashed. Apparently the popularity of Vampires and Werewolves hasn’t warmed us to the horror of ambulatory beings bent on eating our brains or possessing our beings.

The Zombie lure may have been successful in drawing people to the site but I don’t know how successful it was in directing the attention to the real focus. How many people went out and bought batteries, water and extra first aid supplies?

We are a stubborn species. Ever confident in ourselves and our present reality.

But we all have been warned of two certainties: one day we each will face death, and one day the Lord will return. And no man knows the hour of either event.

Each day I read the news, especially as it pertains to Israel, I get a knot in my stomach like I’m sensing the approach of the Zombies, the encroaching of evil within my borders. I look at my pitiful emergency supplies stored in what I refer to as my “terrorist” cupboard, and although I get a bit of comfort knowing I have something on hand, I realize how feeble my attempts to save myself really are.

The only place I take any comfort is in knowing my real preparedness comes in drawing close to the Lord, in practicing the awareness of His presence in the good times so that I will be able to stand in times of danger and evil. I pray for my loved ones, and I pray for Israel.

And I cling to the certainty that one day when the Zombies threaten to take over, when darkness covers the earth and deep darkness the peoples; . . . the glory of the Lord will appear, the Holy One of Israel, and He will redeem all that are His.

Meanwhile, I do think I’ll take another look at the CDC’s site, this time bypassing the Zombies for the duct tape and other supplies info.

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  1. Zombies... whatever will they think of next. I am standing beside you with a sign that reads.. I'm with her and an arrow pointing toward you my friend.


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