Friday, April 1, 2011

Marching on top of mulberry trees

I consider myself a rather sober sort. Sensible, circumspect, not given to “seeing things.” But one afternoon last summer while lounging by the pool, I heard a rustling in the tops of the trees that line my property. Thinking a sudden wind was tunneling down the riverbank, I looked up and “saw” a troop of large, tall, angelic-size people walking along the treetops.

One turned toward me to speak to her partner. A thrill of fear lodged in my chest as I wondered what they would do if they saw me, but I quickly realized that whatever they were about didn’t concern me. After about a minute, they passed by continuing on their way south.

I have no idea what that was about or why I saw it. But yesterday, in my morning devotions, I came across a passage in 2 Samuel 5:24: “And when you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then bestir yourself for the Lord has gone out before you to smite the Philistines.”

Bestir myself. Not panic. Not run to and fro wondering what to do. But, quicken. Be on the alert to what the Lord is doing.

He goes before us, but we need to follow. 
Lord, may I not be dull to your spirit, to what you are doing. Open my eyes to see things unseen, my ears to hear your voice, my heart to feel your heartbeat, and my will to follow.

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