Thursday, May 27, 2010

No kangaroo testicles in my pocket

Stories about Mt. Everest have always fascinated me. A vicarious adventurer from the comfort of my bed, I imagine the cold shaft of fear as I climb the makeshift bridge over an icy chasm, the sharp gasp for enough breath to take the next step, and the ultimate thrill of both the accomplishment and the wonder of standing on top of the world.

Recently, Jordan Romero, a 13-year-old, became the youngest climber to summit Everest. Among his carefully chosen items to carry were several good luck charms, including a pair of kangaroo testicles. Certainly his accomplishment is to be applauded, but I am sure it had more to do with skill and training than charms in his pocket.

But I understand his deception. I too, have stuffed my pockets along life's journey with impotent charms. I too, have longed to hold onto something that would give me hope for a future and power for a victory.

I held onto my treasures so long eventually all I had left was tarnished trinkets and furless feet. It was then, when I was casting about for that one more piece--the one that would really work--that I met the Living One who said,"Follow Me."

"I am the One with whom all things are possible. I am the One who gives you a future and a hope."

"I AM."

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  1. Love the title! Love the sentiment. Crisp writing. Perfect length. You're going to love this! Further up and further in.


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