Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Marriage...that blessed arrangement that brings us together today"

Marriage. That blessed arrangement that brings us together today. That dream within a dream...

Celebrating thirty-two years with my man today. For a woman who (as a teenager) couldn't commit to a date two days ahead of time in case something better came along, and who (as a young woman) wore the lies of the liberated women's sexual revolution like splats on my tie-dyed T-shirts, this loyal longevity is a feat of the grace and goodness of both God and a good man.

I can't say it has always been a "dream within a dream." As a blended family, we merged with no idea of the work, hurt, and chaotic concerns that accompany wounded people. I, brand new in faith, thought that just being a Christian was enough to make it work.

We've scrapped and scraped and learned late. And have been covered by much grace.

But we have five solid children for whom I am thankful. And have each other to walk with through this next part of the journey.

My favorite hymn, sung thirty-two years ago on this day, To God Be the Glory, is still the theme song of my life.

Bob--always the same--frontward and backward! I have been given much.


  1. Marcia:

    Congratulations on your 32 years!

    Yes, you have been covered by much grace; but I also sense that you reflect His grace.

    From the Max Lucado book you sent me last winter: "To accept grace is to accept the vow to give it." And you do.


    Richard Havenga

  2. No surprise you were such a beautiful bride, Marcia.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. You look beautiful. Happy anniversary!

  4. Mawage! I used to quote that whole passage to Dad all the time. Cracked him up.

  5. That Princess Bride clip cracks me UP, Marcia :) And "To God Be The Glory" is a great theme song. Congrats on your 32 years!